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Transport vehicle equipment and transport related control measures
News Source:   2018-12-07 15:45:43
(1) Transport vehicle reference materials
  According to the existing equipment of our company, the parameters of all transport vehicles are listed as follows:
序号 类型 Vehicle brand name 动力 台数 Main use
1 主车 Shaanxi Automobile Delong 460 6辆 tractor-trailer
2 主车 Shaanxi Automobile Delong 420 15辆 tractor-trailer
3 主车 Shaanxi Automobile Delong 380 35辆 tractor-trailer
4 主车 Free J6 420 20辆 tractor-trailer
5 主车 Free Owe 380 8辆 tractor-trailer
6 主车 Free Owe 350 15辆 tractor-trailer
7 主车 Free Owe 330 10辆 tractor-trailer
8 主车 Sinotruk Howo 336 12辆 tractor-trailer
9 挂车 Axis plate, splicing type hydraulic lifting models 30轴 Each axis can carry 22.5 tons, after splicing can carry 675 tons of single equipment
10 挂车 Large hull-frame truck, retractable hydraulic lift truck 3辆 It can carry goods up to 50m in length and 5m in diameter and 230 tons
(Retractable plate 6m)
11 挂车 7 axis manual lifting telescopic frame car 8辆 Can carry length 25m diameter 4.Cargo within 7m and 140 tons
(Retractable plate 6m)
12 挂车 7 axle retractable heavy duty flat truck 20辆 Can carry length 35m wide 6m high 3.8m, 140 tons or less
(Retractable plate 6m)
13 挂车 Rear line double bridge low slab 30辆 Can carry length 12m wide 4.5m高4.2m Cargo weighing up to 120 tons
14 挂车 6 axis telescopic low slab 60辆 Can carry length 44.5m宽3.5m高3.Goods up to 8m and 80 tons

(2) Transport control and related measures
(1) Transportation safety control
  1, traffic control equipment in the transportation process must carry out traffic control, block the road, the whole process of monitoring;
  2, operation time large equipment transport must be carried out during the day;
  3, operating speed normal transport speed control at (50Km/h), uneven road section speed control below 10Km/h, through the obstacle speed control below 5Km/h;
  4, the inspection of the vehicle before starting the vehicle must be a detailed inspection of the equipment and reinforcement, eliminate hidden dangers, and make a good record。Problems must be eliminated before starting;
  5. Check during operation
   5.1 Shear wave inspection: Through the road with shear wave greater than 3%, the shear wave correction of the pallet car must be carried out to ensure that the equipment is in a relative level state;
   5.2. Longitudinal wave inspection: When passing a large longitudinal wave, the longitudinal wave correction is carried out on the pallet car to ensure that the equipment is in a relative horizontal state;
  6, the vehicle parking transportation process,Night parking or halfway parking must choose a solid and flat road, wide road, good sight line lot parking,Set up a perimeter,Alert state,And send someone to guard;Parking time is longer,It is necessary to support the ballast under the main beam of the flatbed car,Lower the height of the flatbed,The main beam fell on the log,Check the flatbed pressure gauge,Reduce pressure。After the flat car is parked properly, check the equipment bundling and vehicle tires, etc., and eliminate hidden dangers in time;The road sections along the route shall be closed or semi-closed;When parking, make safety isolation measures and remind other vehicles to pay attention to detach。

(2) Transportation support control
Keep and package the equipment to be transported properly to prevent damage。The control of transportation should be carried out in four steps: verification of loading Before loading, the large equipment to be transported must be checked and accepted。Effective implementation of rules - implementation of bundling and reinforcement programmes;-- The terms of receipt shall be implemented immediately upon arrival。Select and maintain the means of transport correctly select and maintain the means of transport;Correct selection of transport routes (re-investigation of routes before transport to ensure that transport conditions are consistent with the actual situation, etc.)。Personnel arrangement and assessment ---- Clarify the responsibilities of personnel;---- To conduct publicity and education on the content, functions and methods of use of these Rules。

(3) Technical safety measures
The project manager responsibility system shall be adopted: the construction personnel participating in the project shall be trained on the quality, safety and construction technical requirements,Technical disclosure of transport personnel;All construction personnel must be certified to work;Construction personnel shall be equipped with necessary safety protection facilities in accordance with the requirements of the State labor protection laws and regulations;Conduct scientific and reasonable risk assessment for the project,Determine the transport equipment and tools actually needed;During loading and unloading port operations,The project department will dispatch professional and technical personnel to supervise loading and unloading in the port together with relevant personnel of the owner;At the time of delivery,Strict inspection,In case of damage,Report the damage to the customer in time,And in accordance with customer comments,And make corresponding handover records;The loading and bundling of large equipment must be checked before operation;Make the over-limit transport sign;Strict implementation of stowage plan during loading and unloading;In transit,Periodically check whether the bundling and hardening of large devices are in good condition,If there are unsafe hidden dangers, take measures to remove them in time,To ensure the safety of large equipment and transport vehicles;Before transportation, transport vehicles and sealing tools must be strictly inspected;Strictly follow the safety and quality operation procedures and implementation plans;Night operation,Construction personnel are equipped with reflective vests,To ensure the maximum safety of construction personnel and equipment;Safety and quality monitoring personnel tracking the whole process,Make safety records。